The Newsnight sagas -the links.

The Pollard Report on ‘Savile’ is here,the BBC’s response is here and George Entwistle’s is here

There is a BBC Radio Four Media Show discussion about the Pollard report here. And a Media Guardian podcast discussion here.BBC News has done a Savile timeline with audio and video clips here. Former Newsnight researcher ,Hannah Livingstone,who worked on the  investigation into Savile has written an article here. There is also an interesting follow-up article on the Pollard Report by Miles Goslett here and the New York Times take on Pollard is here.

The BBC Trust’s findings on ‘McAlpine’ are here including Ken MacQuarrie’s report on what went wrong inside the BBC management.

Helen Boaden’s email to BBC News staff on her full return to duties as Director of News is here.



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