Death of a secret psychological warrior

Neil St John ffrench-Blake

4th November 1941-24th August 2016


His family buried Neil ffrench-Blake in a churchyard on the top of a Berkshire down looking out over middle England. He’d lasted longer,much longer than his doctors had predicted two years ago. The mourners included a former Radio 1 disc-jockey and people from British intelligence. All very Neil.The tributes told of his ‘adventures’, his ‘eccentricity’ and his drinking .

DJ Mike Read, recruited by Neil to Radio 210 in Reading on the basis of his sporting prowess,told wonderful stories of Neil keeping wicket in sunglasses for the station cricket team.

There was one oddity that Neil, being very English and a journalist turned psychological warfare expert, would have understood. Nobody said what he’d actually done on his ‘adventures’.

For that try my blog from last year or his novel based on those adventures.


2 thoughts on “Death of a secret psychological warrior

  1. So sad to hear that Neil passed away. I know him very well and I was one of his trainees.

  2. Many thanks for this Stewart, and even more so for your invaluable post last year about Neil ffrench-Blake’s memoirs. Having listened live to some of the Radio Atlantico del Sur broadcasts in 1982 I’ve always been interested in that station and the myths that grew up around it. ffrench-Blake’s memoirs demolished many unfounded and unfair stories about RAdS which have circulated over the years. Your post and Neil’s memoirs spurred me to revisit my own memories and archives, and perhaps one day I may write my own assessment of the station and its critics.

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