Mark Thompson and the legal letters- a case study on how a story grows

1. The story by Miles Goslett first appears in the Sunday Times.

2. No mainstream media publishes a follow-up on  the story which is behind a pay wall (significant?) I follow it up and write a new version here on .Michael Crick is the first to retweet the link.

3.A friend,Simon Albury, sends it to a reporter on the New York Times (actually two different friends send it to two different reporters on the New York Times but only one does anything about it).This leads to..

4.The New York Times syndicates it which leads to articles around the world like this in the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong.

5.At the same time America’s largest news agency the Associated Press sees the blog, calls me and includes it as the second half of a BBC story.

6.This leads to it appearing in American regionals such as the Washington Times and

7.This morning (Saturday) the story is in the NYT’s big rival Wall Street Journal.

8.It is also in the New Yorker (probably the best piece so far)

9.And for the first time it appears anywhere in a UK publication since the Sunday Times last week.Quite rightly-and why does no other paper think this is  a story (especially the Guardian’s specialist media website) –The Times (behind a paywall) goes on the angle that the New York Times is running this story about its own CEO on its front page.

Some of the coverage  mentions  this blog,some doesn’t. More importantly sadly there’s little if any  mention  of Miles Goslett who,I believe,will eventually emerge as one of the journalistic heroes of this saga.

Lets see if there’s anything new in the Sunday Times tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Mark Thompson and the legal letters- a case study on how a story grows

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  2. And still behnd The Times paywall, Saturday Nov 17th 2012, Ben Webster(Media Editor) Will Pavla (Times New York) report from NYTimes sources ” ….One employee said that the news team had been ‘watching the story unfold with horrfied fascination’ and that people were asking “What kind of a place IS the BBC? The bosses actually try to NOT look into what’s going on.

    Well I think we all have an idea as to what kind of place the BBC is.
    The power of twitter.
    Let’s hear it for and follow Miles Goslett.

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