A coverage update on Mark Thompson and the legal letter

The Sunday Times has published extracts from the letter it received from Mark Thompson’s lawyers in September which confirm what I have reported on this blog  this past week.

The story by Miles Goslett is behind a pay wall.It says that Thompson has told the Pollard inquiry that he was not emailed a copy of the letter and does not recall being shown it.

It also says the BBC Trust has made a formal request to the BBC Executive Board for the letter to be passed to the Pollard review.

Among other coverage this weekend, New York Magazine has a story headlined Mark Thompson had no idea what was in that letter from Mark Thompson

The American journalism website poynter.org has a copy of Mark Thompson’s email to New York Times colleagues at the end of his first week which makes no mention of the controversy but does announce three ‘Town Hall’ meetings in New York in December at which,presumably, NYT journalists will have the opportunity to ask him questions about his role in the Savile saga.

2 thoughts on “A coverage update on Mark Thompson and the legal letter

  1. BBC Radio 4 Media Show, 10th October 2012.

    Steve Hewlett and Lord Patten are discussing the contentious nature of and the dropping of the Newsnight Savile story.

    At about 7m10s into the programme:

    Steve Hewlett: … (the story) “is dropped in the context of, which we now know because George Entwistle told us on the Today programme, that the editor raised it with his boss, Helen Boaden, quite properly.

    Lord Patten: He raised it with Steve Mitchell. Helen Boaden mentioned it to George and Mark Thompson.

    Steve Hewlett: Oh. So Mark Thompson did know?

    Lord Patten: Yeah.

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